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Crashing since the recent iOS update last week.

My go to and love the RAW developer. The crashing just started for me yesterday. Otherwise my main editing phone app.

iPhone X Support

Please update for the iPhone X. This is my only application still not updated for the X. I expect better from Google!

iPhone X support when???

I bet the Inbox and the Snapseed team are the one and the same holy moly

Great app but...

It would be awesome if it could open from the iOS photo app editor as a plug in

It needs to be uptaded for iphone x

I love this app so much, i just bought the iphone x and its not even updated please update the app


Please make it optimized for the iPhone 10.

Iphone x

Update for iphone x!!!!!!

iPhone X support?

Please give iPhone X support? It would be great!!! Thanks

App edits will not save to my pictures now.

I have used this App successfully for years. I use it regularly to edit my work for magazines and travel. I gave it five stars for the ease of use and reliability. Today I dropped it four stars because the app will not allow me to save my work, to my photo site. I have not seen Snapseed crash before. I hope an update comes out soon to fix it.


You guys should add hue in selective so I can change the sky color.

Soooo sick of the freezing and crashing

Please fix this already. I can’t edit raw images more than half of the time, so the feature may as well not be there! When it comes to regular photos, half the time the presets don’t load, and then it crashes. Since the update 6 months ago. Fix fix fix!

Add more tools

Dnt like the new UI but still amazing and Best easy app for photos ever but it needs 1)highlight&shadow color split toning options 2)HSL (hue,saturation,luminous) option for ppl who like to desaturated and change colors with ease 3)a clone stamp tool add to healing options (while using it have 2 buttons different colors for the copy and paste it while it doesnt move) Im pretty sure a lot of people would love those types of tools added.

Iphone x update

Update for iPhone X

Love it!

I love this app! It’s amazing. But can you please make this app, available to download on a MacBook.

Won’t open files

App has been buggy lately, wont open files, please fix

iPhone X

Waiting for that iPhone X update! Please don’t say development is over for it... it’s still an amazing tool! Would pay for it.

Crashed my phone 3 times in one day after update

It was a great app. My favorite until i updated it and it crashed my phone TREE times in one day! unacceptable. Looking for alternative.

I hate the new version

I bought many filters and now all gone

Used to work, now it doesn’t.

This used to by my absolute favorite editing app. It has so many tools and a variety of features... it was crazy how you could improve a photo with just an app. Now it won’t even open a photo up. It just sits there and loads forever with the circle in the middle of the screen. I don’t know what the deal is, if it needs an update for bugs or what... but it’s pretty disappointing.

Needs an update

Would be better if it was iPhone X compatible.

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